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The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity (http://trustvote.org/), which is under the umbrella of Sunrise Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit, will be responsible for issuing awards every other year to election supervisors and possibly Secretaries of State for Innovative Work in the Field of Election Integrity. Qualifying supervisors will be given much publicity from the start. The first state the judges looked at in 2010. This year several states may be involved, among them Wisconsin, Arizona, Colorado and of course, California. Sunrise Center will be happy to keep you informed by both the website and periodic meetings about latest developments in the field of election integrity.

Some of the key people involved in the Institute’s efforts to support election transparency and election integrity include Mitch Trachtenberg, developer of the TEVS system and member of the Humboldt Transparency Project, Carolyn Crnich, registrar of Humboldt County, and Lori Grace, president of the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity. David Rottersman, Shawn Shields, and Judy Bertelson are also coordinating with the project. Ed Ellsworth is the webmaster.

Opportunities for citizens wishing to help create more certainty in the integrity of their vote will be well publicized through the Institute. These opportunities may include participating in exit polls in their area, advocating for more paper ballots, and participating in recounts, among other activities. This kind of citizen activism is considered essential if we wish to live in a true democracy. Please join our specialized mailing list if you are interested in this topic, as we may have special emails that will go out periodically with privileged information and opportunities. There may also be opportunities that are shared only by phone.

If you are interested in participating in our work for election integrity, please email us with your name, phone number and email. Please put the words, “Election Integrity Volunteer” in the subject line.

Thank you for taking such a keen interest in our democracy!


Lori Grace

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