A brief update on the recounts and the electors

I have been wanting to organize an evening to discuss the recount, but need to put my attention into helping people who want to communicate with the Republican electors and who they would like to see the Republican electors vote for. In short, the hand recounts which were the only fairly trustworthy recounts were stopped in all the states where recounts were started. There are issues about Russian hacking that have not been fully addressed. The CIA say that they definitely feel that the Russians have hacked the election. A significant portion of FBI people disagree with the CIA. There is increasing unrest among Republican electors about voting for Trump, but there are very negative consequences for them if enough Republicans don’t defect or as it is described become “faithless electors”. So for their own safety they need to get as many Republican electors as possible. If they get 37 and no significant number of Democrats join them, the vote for who will be President will go to the House. It is not likely that the House dominated by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell will recommend reinstating Trump. They will more likely go for a more mainstream candidate.

About the recounts and the ensuing lawsuits:
I want to present on the recounts, but that report can wait. A lawsuit is being filed by Bob Fitrakis and TrustVote.org to stop the Wisconsin electors from meeting because the recount counted by hand only half the votes. Also there were wireless modems embedded in the scanners and the source code was not in Wisconsin’s escrow account as mandated by law. Other lawyers are spearheading the same action in the states they practice in: Pennsylvania, Florida and Michigan. TrustVote.org is involved in supporting them as well. How the recounts and, in the case of Michigan, even the election itself were handled is a disgrace to the American people and to American democracy. If we want to have elections in the future we can trust, many changes will have to be made in how we do elections and recounts. We will look at this later in December or January.

Some thoughts you may be contemplating about our country if Trump becomes President: Are you wanting the electors to have all the information they can have about the recounts, the hacking and Trump’s conflicts of interest before they will vote for on December 19th? Are you wanting the electors to have the information about Russian hacking or any other kind of hacking? They are already asking. Are you concerned that all of the recounts were halted by the states? If that is a concern for you and you want the electors to know about it, you may email the electors about what you would like to see happen by going to ASKTHEELECTORS.ORG or you can get their addresses by going to DIRECTELECTION.ORG. If you wish to write a letter, you must write it tonight and send it by tomorrow, preferably by priority mail or Fed Ex. Then it will be more likely to be opened. You may also be feeling concerned about how much our country will be weakened by continual fighting between groups within our country that will be the case if Trump becomes president. A country fraught with internal divisions is a weakened country. Additionally, the electors  may ask to see Trump’s tax return before voting.if they are concerned about Trump’s conflicts of interest that might endanger our country and and our relationships with other countries, including Russia and China. Electors are allowed to ask for Donald Trump’s tax returns.  And 40 of them are already asking for the CIA report.

About the choices electors will make:  Republican electors so far seem to be interested in voting for Republican candidates. Some of the Republican candidates that are being considered are Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Susan Collins and Michael Bloomberg, These choices are already being contemplated by the Hamilton electors, which are a group of electors that are considering withdrawing their vote for Trump. Romney is very open to being nominated. Susan Collins has not commented publicly but is open as well. Republican electors are NOT that interested in voting for Hillary Clinton.

If you click on this link, you will have a chance to read a detailed account about the Wisconsin recount. You will see a chart where it shows that even the hand count did not yield the same results as the computer totals in this recount. Of course, we will never be able to know any more how people really voted in the counties that were never hand counted. The outcome of the Wisconsin recount is an unfortunate comment on our democracy.

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