Hacking American Elections, Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression…

Hacking American Elections, Gerrymandering and Voter

Suppression: An update and what we can do about it

An Example of Gerrymandering

Friday, September 1
7 to 10 pm, Sunrise Center

Bob Fitrakis, Jim Soper, John Brakey, Lori Grace and others TBA

In this panel presentation and discussion, we will look at what now has become well-known: the reality that American elections can be easily hacked by both foreigners and American insiders.
We will look at the evidence and discuss what can be done to address this problem.
We will also look at what strategies will successfully address this problem and which ones are being used at this time. Additionally, we will look at the failure of recounts here in our country and what would need to be done to make them worthwhile. The larger problem of American trust in our election system will also be discussed and how it affects voter participation in our elections.

We will also discuss what Donald Trump has done to the Federal Election Assistance Commission and how that may affect our future elections. Additionally, we will look briefly at voter suppression and gerrymandering, how that affects our election results and what is currently being done to address that problem as well. Those deeply interested in addressing any of the above with their money or energy are invited to a strategy meeting on Saturday, September 2. Details to be announced later.

Note: this evening will be live streamed (look for the link here at http://trustvote.org). Participants on-site and those who are live streaming will be able to ask questions of panel members.

Register $15 event cost

Some of you have been asking what happened to the lawsuit against Edison Media Research. For an update from Lori and Bob, click here.


Bob FitrakisBob Fitrakis, PhD, JD, of the Institute of Contemporary Journalism has become a fellow of the Institute. He has been involved in issues around election integrity in Ohio for twenty years and will be writing on election integrity issues in the 2016 presidential election. Bob is also an attorney and functions as an attorney in election issues as well as other legal matters. He is also a political author, political candidate, and Professor of Political Science in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Columbus State Community College. He has published several books on election integrity and is publisher and contributing writer to the Free Press.

Jim SoperJim Soper, a highly skilled software developer and computer technologist, is also the editor and publisher of CountedAsCast.org, an election integrity site that focuses especially on California elections. He is also a very active member of the Voter’s Rights Task Force and is a speaker on a wide variety of issues related to election integrity in general.

John Brakey Audit-AZJohn Brakey of Audit-AZ (Arizona)has been an election integrity activist since 2003. He has worked extensively in Arizona identifying and pursuing election fraud. He works on lawsuits seeking to stop election fraud together with Arizona attorney Bill Risner, JD. He is the election integrity activist that first spotted the manipulation of the Arizona primary of 2016. He is working together with Bev Harris on vote fractionalizing and the answer to stopping it which is saving ballot images and then examining them for election fraud- a truly effective response to a very dangerous problem

Lori GraceLori Grace, MA is the founder of the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity and is also currently a fellow of the Institute. She started the Institute with awarding Carolyn Crnich (now retired) of Humboldt County for her excellent work as a registrar supporting election integrity. She has written recently in issues that came up during the presidential primary. Both Lori and Bob are very oriented towards creating possible solutions to America’s many problems in election integrity and are excited by the increased amount of interest in the American public about this issue.


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