Part 1 – A Detailed Presentation on Fraction Magic and the Solution to it

In Part One of a Two Part Series, I am introducing you to YouTubes explaining Fraction Magic more fully. In Part Two, which follows in the next email, I will also be going into which companies appear to be using it and how they are hiding from the American public. Because it takes awhile to understand this profoundly shocking material, I am breaking both sections into paragraphs with headlines so that you can choose easily what you want to see.

In terms of understanding Fraction Magic more fully, it is the YouTube in Part I on (see paragraph #5 below) that helped me understand Fraction Magic the most. Paragraph #4 below gives you the contact details for John Brakey who will give people anywhere in the country guidance on filing ballot image requests in the counties that have them. Unfortunately, for us Californians very few have them. Robert Fitrakis is able to coach people, too, but is very busy filing many ballot image requests at this time in Ohio, so he has less time. After reading this post, you will probably believe along with me that this election will be a profoundly unsettling and challenging election.

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A YouTube of election integrity pundit Mark Crispin Miller, PhD talking about the two types of election manipulation that are happening in this year’s election: voter suppression and computerized election theft. Mark Crispin Miller has written about election manipulation since 2004. This YouTube is a general introduction for everyone.

Further Discussions About Fraction Magic and the Implications of Its Use in U.S. Elections
In the last update, we focused on vote fractionalizing and what can be done about it. Beth Harris, who discovered vote fractionalizing along with Bennie Smith, has finally released both her short 9-minute video on YouTube on vote fractionalizing and her longer one. The short youtube is designed only to awaken interest in the American Public. Many people do not want to watch something long to start with. Do not expect that you can follow it exactly. The longer video is 24 minutes. It follows after the short one listed below.

The Short Video — a Summary: Three key things that struck me in the short video are the following: One is that a master programmer in voting machine companies like Dominion, Hart InterCivic and ES&S can put whatever percentages he or she desires into the tabulator for whatever candidate or proposition they want to see win or lose in any county in the United States! This can all be done at a great distance.This manipulation can be done invisibly and will not show up when the tabulators are tested before the election. Once the chosen percentages have been programmed, the tabulator will fractionalize the votes on election night to match the desired percentages. Of course applying fraction magic” does not happen in every election, but the fact that it can happen in any election is very unsettling.

As mentioned in my earlier update, the only protection against vote fractionalizing is saving ballot images. This is done by making freedom of information requests. If the election official resists, then a TRO to save the ballot images can be presented in court. Guidelines for creating an effective TRO are presented towards the bottom in my last update. There are only ballot images on 40% of scanners in the U.S. There are some ballot images on some DRE’s. Nonetheless, having ballot images for 40% of voters is better than nothing. If the ballot images are saved, the next step is hand counting them which is very easy to accomplish with volunteers in close elections. If you, the reader, feel confused about how to make ballot image requests or how to organize TRO’s, please consult with John Roberts Brakey of Audit Az, who is offering his cell phone number (520) 339-2696 and email at this time to help you.

You can email attorney Robert Fitrakis for assistance in filing ballot image requests at or call him at 614 374 2380. Please put the nature of your request in the title of the email to him.

If you want to understand how this kind of election fraud can take place and you do not have a strong background in computers, click on the link immediately below. Part of it is from InfoWars. Although I am aware that a large part of TrustVote’s readership may not want to see anything by Alex Jones, this interview with Bev Harris is really elucidating for people who want to understand Fraction Magic further. The article that follows by progressive writer Jon Rapport is equally helpful as well. Click on the link below and scroll down just below the American flag image for Jon’s article. The YouTube video, “Smoking Gun in Massive Election Fraud Discovered…” is presented as part of his article.

In the following YouTube, you will see  hand counting as it is done in our country. Four people sit at a table together. One person reads aloud the vote for the candidate. A second person watches that person do that to make sure the vote was announced correctly. A third person then writes down what was heard and a fourth person watches as it is written down. Again, the YouTube below shows how joyful people are to be involved in their elections. Their registrars are happy, too. One of them is Freddie Oakley from Yolo County, California to whom we gave in absentia one of our awards from the Institute. You can see how happy she and her staff feel about putting care and extra attention into counting the ballots, even if they use tabulators manufactured by Hart InterCivic. Also, they usually do a 10% audit in that county.

The other registrars in the short YouTube, like the one in New Hampshire county who does hand counts, also seems happy with their jobs. Clearly having transparent elections can generate trust, citizen involvement and joy in people rather than distrust, anger and suspicion that has become so rampant in our elections. So many other countries do hand counting: Germany Costa Rica, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Thailand to name only a few. I think we should seek to move towards that too or at least move towards an open source system like the one in Humboldt County. Humboldt County, by the way, counts ballots twice: one is with a tabulator from Hart InterCivic and the other is the tabulator in the open source TEVS system. So far, the results have always come out the same. Additionally, there have been no recount requests ever since they started using the TEVS system, about eight years ago.

Please note that counting votes or ballot images transparently is the solution suggested by almost all election integrity pundits.

What Additional Is There in the Longer, 24-Minute Video Version of “Fraction Magic”

In this longer video you will see security video camera and other cameras taking pictures of technicians taking a tabulator out of an election office, changing something on it in a car and then returning the tabulator to the election office. There is also another short video of another person changing a tabulator within a container inside an election office. That person is currently being held accountable in a lawsuit. It seems evident to me that changes to elections will probably happen with much more frequency using an American insider than a hacking Russian. Additionally, the process of Fraction Magic is explained more slowly and with more detail, although I prefer the explanations in that is displayed above.

In summary, you now have been given a detailed introduction to Fraction Magic and to the solution to the problem. In Part 2, as mentioned before we will go into looking at the companies that can use Fraction Magic and how some of them are hiding their involvement in our 2016 elections.

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