Part 2 – The Companies That Most Likely Used Fraction Magic This Year and Their Hiding Behavior

Here as promised is a detailed look at which companies may be using Fraction Magic this year. Two of them have a relationship with the Clinton Foundation. Their names are not to be found anywhere on the Clinton Foundation List of Granting Organizations. I am hoping that the American public will finally become aware that voting machine vendors may be altering our elections and that we need to save and count ballot images to stop this mockery of American Democracy

Hoping for the Rebirth of our Democracy!


BREAKING NEWS! Dominion software designer Eric Coomer PhD admits that Dominion Fractionalizes Votes
I have just learned  that  Dominion Vice President and Chief Software designer Eric Coomer PhD, admitted to inserting vote fractionalizing into the Dominion election software systems when he was interviewed by Sharon Meroni of He indicated that they do it “for marketing reasons”. I am completely shocked to hear this and will write more later on this piece of information. Dr. Coomer also mentioned that “vendors, election officials and deemed worthy are empowered to bypass the election system software and to go directly to the data tables that manage systems during the election.” This is of equal concern. I will be writing on this more later.

Where Does It Appear That Fraction Magic Was Used This Year?

The Democratic Primary Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders
It appears that it was used in the Democratic primary where votes for Hillary in a number of primaries were moving up in an exact duplicated fraction and votes for Bernie were losing in this exact fraction as well. This is most likely indicative of an algorithm inserted into the tabulation program.

The Race in Florida Between Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Tim Canova in Florida in August
Another place fractionalized voting seems to have happened is in the Wasserman-Canova race in Florida. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was the head of the Democratic party until July and Tim Canova ran against her. He embraced many of Bernie Sander’s values. Although Wasserman-Shultz was ahead in the polls before the election by 8%, she appeared to have won with a significantly greater percentage than she showed before the election (13.5%). The graph of the votes again show specific fractions that are adding to her win and to Canova’s loss.
In the following YouTube, you will see Lulu Fries’dat explain the statistical anomalies she saw in the Canova-Wasserman race. She works with Anselmo Pietro, PhD, past president of the American Statistical Society. In the YouTube she explains how the results in the Canova-Wasserman race are statistically impossible, taking into account the effect of demographics. Again, there was an increasing percentage of voters for Wasserman that go up in a distinct fraction while Canova lost in the same distinct fraction as the election proceeded

timcanova (requires Facebook account)

Is There Any Evidence for Dominion Being Involved in Influencing Elections this Year Using Fraction Magic?
Research reveals that Dominion has a very extensive involvement with the Clinton Foundation. From 2014-2015 Dominion has worked together with the Clinton Foundation on a 2.25 million dollar project to disseminate Dominion voting machines to underdeveloped countries. About 100 women in those countries would get jobs managing these voting machines. The link That follows gives more details on Dominion’s involvement with the Clinton foundation.

When I read about this project, I was not that impressed with Dominion’s giving away some of their machines, most probably at retail prices, if it only helps employ 100 women. And now that I know that Fraction Magic can be applied anywhere in the world, I thought it might be tempting for someone behind the scenes at Dominion  to influence an election in one of those countries. I have looked over all of the donor lists of the Clinton Foundation. I cannot find Dominion or Delian Project on their donor list for any amount of money. Now the Clinton Foundation, by law, does not have to list all its donors. In fact, I heard from Bob Fitrakis that they withdraw donor names that they are questioned about. Nonetheless, I am disturbed by the Clinton Foundation’s lack of transparency.

A person might question that a voting machine company be so fully involved with the Clinton Foundation or the Clintons, especially in light of the discovery of Fraction Magic. This becomes even more of concern when there is evidence that the Clinton Foundation hid Dominion’s involvement this year. The Guccifer e-mail which shows all the Clinton Foundation donors shows Dominion as a contributor this year of $25,000 to $50,000, yet on the Clinton Foundation website there is no mention of Dominion. With my new awareness of Fraction Magic, I am paying very close attention to the fact that Dominion is not present on Clinton foundation website.

The link on the right is the Excel spreadsheet released by Wikileaks  of Clinton Foundation donors released by Wikileaks as of late August 2016. The donation between $25,000 and $50,000 from Dominion is in column “I” of the Excel spreadsheet as of August 28th. The screenshot from the Clinton Foundation website as of August 28th. It does not show Dominion on its website at all. It is interesting to note that the Clinton Foundation reports a far higher donation from Dominion Voting to the Clinton Foundation than the Guccifer donor list reports. Interesting…..

Click the following link for Clinton Foundation Grantor and Donor page: clinton-foundation-grantor-and-donor-page

Click the following link for Guccifer’s Clinton Foundation Donor List: guccifers-clinton-foundation-donor-list

I have highlighted Dominion as well as other donors that are of casual interest to me. HIG capital is the owner of HartInterCivic, the third largest voting machine company in the United States. The Romney family owns much of HIG capital and HartInterCivic. As you can see from the movie “Fraction Magic” these voting machine companies all interact with each other. Mitt Romney is very opposed to Donald Trump. As of August, HIG capital was left on the Clinton Foundation website. It is in column “ H”. I was not surprised because the majority of the American population does not know that HartInterCivic is a part of HIG capital. Upon reviewing the donors in early November, I see HIG capital removed.

I am also including an easy-to-understand paper on how Clinton won in states that used electronic voting machines all over the country. Here is a link to an article about the study performed by Stanford student Rodolfo Barragan and Axel Geijsel of Tilburgen University in the Netherlands. Their statistical study of voting machine company results vs. hand count results follow in the following link:

If you question these sources, I would like to  encourage you go online and check the current website status of Dominion on the Clinton Foundation website as well as look at our links below. The link to do your own research is the following:

Just plug in the financial amount you want to check, organizations will show up that gave donations in the range cited. You will not find Dominion Voting or HIG capital in any of the website listings.

In summary, I would say that much more trust would be generated in American elections if more hand counts were performed and if voting machine companies were not allowed to do business with candidates or with foundations owned by candidates. Trust is essential to the election process and trust in American elections is at this point at an all-time low. Transparency builds trust and that is what we do not have. I hope we will develop transparent, verifiable elections in the not-too-distant future.

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