The 2016 California Primary: A Disturbing Situation

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EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: The 2016 California Primary: A Disturbing Situation
Come join us at the Corte Madera Best Western for an update on the disturbing condition of the California Primary starting at 6:30 pm, Thursday, June 30th with attorneys at law Bill Simpich and Ida Martinac, poll analyst, John Rice and election integrity activist, Lori Grace. Please check for a complete description of the event and sign up on the Sunrise Center site so you can be sure to have a seat at the event. If you cannot attend, please sign up for the Sunrise Center mailing list so that you can be sure to
have future announcements regarding the issue of election integrity.

The lawsuit against Edison Research and the Media Consortium: The lawsuit is being delayed because new evidence recently found is going to make the lawsuit even stronger. It will be revealed when the lawsuit is submitted. Many people have questioned whether the lawsuit is real. It is very real. It is getting stronger each day with new evidence and new witnesses.

Cliff Arnebeck and Robert Fitrakis, the lawyers connected with the lawsuit are also still waiting for the data from California. As we mentioned before, we decided to do a citizen exit poll on election day, because Edison Research and the Media Consortium canceled their exit polls in the remaining 7 states including California after an article by Tim Robbins on came out writing about the editing of the raw exit poll data to match the computerized, hackable and proprietary electronic vote totals.

About California ballots: With respect to California, there are so many votes still not counted. Because of the confusing instructions offered by the Secretary of State on how to process NPP (No Party Preference) ballots and the introduction of a million and a half new voters, there are an unprecedented number of provisional ballots left to be counted. Because many of these ballots were from independent voters who were unable to obtain democratic crossover ballots as instructed, we can safely assume that many of the provisional ballots will be votes for Bernie Sanders.

Complaints from California voters: In the enormous number of citizen complaints we have received on, we did receive only one from a independent voter who wanted to vote for Trump, but was given a provisional ballot instead. Of course, in the manual, Secretary of State Padilla did mention that NPP ballots should receive a Democratic crossover ballot, if they request one and that poll workers were supposed to offer a provisional ballot to NPP voters if they did not know to request one. According to our complaint records, many poll workers, especially in San Diego and Los Angeles were NOT clear on this instruction. Additionally, although the precincts were supposed to be supplied with the Democratic and Republican crossover ballots, many precincts in Los Angeles and San Diego did not according the complaints from poll workers and poll inspectors that we have received have anywhere enough Democratic crossover ballots. In San Diego count, poll workers and poll inspectors received instructions by phone in some cases the night before Election Day that they needed to provide all NPP voters with provisional ballots. We are still investigating the origin of these calls.Electionintegrity

We have also heard from a tremendous number Bernie voters who received provisional ballots when in fact, they wanted a Democratic crossover ballot or Bernie voters who wanted to vote for Bernie, but were not informed by the poll workers that they could request a democratic crossover ballots.

The effects of voter suppression on California voters: I am not saying that the confusing management of the election from Clinton supporters and Secretary of State Padilla’s office was intentional or San Diego registrar Michael Vu, but I do want to say that many voters are saying to us that they do not want to vote for Hillary Clinton even if she becomes the nominee because they feel their votes were mishandled. There is a chance that this confusion was also intentional to support Hillary Clinton. With respect to lawsuits, one lawsuit on voter suppression is going to be coming out against Michael Vu in San Diego county. A lawsuit has already been submitted by San Diego citizen Ray Lutz against Registrar Michael Vu for an improper decision to not count any qualifying provisional ballots in the 1% manual recount in San Diego. We will wait to hear the results of this lawsuit.

About our citizen exit polls: the true California election results and assessment of the exit polls can only be announced after all the vote-by-mails and qualifying provisional votes are counted. It will be then that the results of the citizen exit polls can be completed and complete clarity can be obtained about whether extensive election manipulation took place in the counties of Alameda, Contra Costa and Santa Clara on a precinct level. We do have some apparent manipulation in one precinct so far, but will still need the final election results to be sure. The open source election audits by Democracy Counts in San Diego, Los Angeles and Alameda County also seem to indicate a decisive Bernie Sanders victory. Still, the final results again depend on the final counting of all the ballots. All election irregularities from California that we discover will be added to the lawsuit.

Thank you for your support! We are working very hard preparing for these lawsuits. Any donations to keep this cause strong would be appreciated. Also do not hesitate to send us your way any accounts of election mismanagement that you witnessed or experienced anywhere in the nation and especially California. We will be working to reform the California election process for the upcoming November election.


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