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The Institute of American Democracy and Election Integrity was created in 2010 to deal with electronic problems in American elections. The Institute (aka TrustVote.org) seeks to highlight problems and proposed solutions to these problems. The Institute has championed and continues to champion registrars and citizens who take an active role within their county to insure election integrity. It also seeks to educate Americans about the nature of companies that run our elections and ways to create more integrity and accountability in the systems that they offer.


Bob Fitrakis, PhD, JD of the Institute of Contemporary Journalism has become a fellow of the Institute. He has been involved in issues around election integrity in Ohio for twenty years and will be writing on election integrity issues in the 2016 presidential election. Bob is also an attorney and functions as an attorney in election issues as well as other legal matters. He is also a political author, political candidate, and Professor of Political Science in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department at Columbus State Community College. He has published several books on election integrity and is publisher and contributing writer to the Free Press.

Lori Grace, MA is the founder of the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity and is also currently a fellow of the Institute. She started the Institute with awarding Carolyn Crnich (now retired) of Humboldt County for her excellent work  as a registrar supporting election integrity. She has written recently in issues that came up during the presidential primary. Both Lori and Bob are very oriented towards creating possible solutions to America’s many problems in election integrity and are excited by the increased amount of interest in the American public about this issue.

John Brakey of Audit-AZ (Arizona)has been an election integrity activist since 2003. He has worked extensively in Arizona identifying and pursuing election fraud. He works on  lawsuits seeking to stop election fraud together with Arizona attorney Bill Risner JD. He is the election integrity activist that first spotted the manipulation of the Arizona primary of 2016. He is working together with Bev Harris on vote fractionalizing and the answer to stopping it which is saving ballot images and then examining them for election fraud- a truly effective response to a very dangerous problem.

Bill Simpich, JD attorney at law, is also associated with the Institute and is working on several California lawsuits which will make California elections more reliable and more transparent if the lawsuits are won. He is also a contributing author to Reader Supported News.

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