The Recount Has Begun!

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The Recount Has Begun! Come Join Us!

lori-grace-headIn my last letter to you, I indicated that electronic manipulation as well as the much more obvious voter suppression appears to have affected the election results of the 2016 Presidential race. I announced what might need to be accomplished to begin recounting votes in the swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Ohio. I am happy to announce that the money needed to begin the recounts of Wisconsin and Michigan has been raised!

Additionally, I am also happy to announce that, as of this writing, Wednesday, posted on Jill Stein’s web page for her Recount Campaign, $794,000 has been raised (in four hours!) to pay for additional states down the line.

We are hoping that if we show proof of fraud, which we imagine we will, that Hillary might take back her concession, which is what would be a necessary step. Donations to will cover the expenses of attorneys and other observers watching vote counting in these swing states.

I hope you join us in donating to and to Jill’s recount campaign, which is not tax deductible

In hope of finding the election results we can really trust,


Recounting the 2016 Presidential Election


More details about the exit polls and the computer vote totals: The difference between exit poll screen shots for Wisconsin and other swing states show shifts right after the polls closed that are statistically impossible. We need to recount the votes in these swing states to see who really has won the Presidential election. The votes appeared to move from Clinton to Trump.

Donations or contributions you can make today on our website:

The Jill Stein Recount Campaign: The donations you make to Jill Stein’s Recount Campaign are not tax-deductible. This money will go to pay the states for doing the recounts. There are two websites that you can use. You can give up to $2,700 as an individual to the Jill Stein Recount Campaign.

I would love to have you email me at to tell to tell me what you donated. This is not required. It just would be nice to know. If you want to donate larger amounts of money, you can contribute up to $10,000 to the Ohio Green Party (not tax deductible) Again I would love knowing what you donate.

The Tax-deductible fund: If you want to contribute directly to, click Donate. You will be contributing to the expenses of lawyers and observers watching the recount. And, again, this contribution is tax deductible. It is very important for us to have lawyers and observers watching the recount, because if something suspicious happens during the recount, these observers and lawyers can hopefully put an end to what they see happening or at least bring it soon to the attention of the courts.

About celebrating if we succeed: If we are successful in doing even some of these recounts, I would like to create a page honoring those of you who have contributed both to and to the campaign. THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Our hopeful contribution to Hillary: Also the purpose of all of these recounts is to provide solid evidence to Hillary Clinton so she can feel comfortable taking back her concession. The Green party is only doing this because Hillary has not taken a stand on this situation.

Let us hope that we can create enough evidence for Hillary to get on board!

Lori Grace

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